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New web-interface fails after X30 release X3U-CA-1.1.0.r0118
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Author:  evr [ Sun May 08, 2016 9:28 pm ]
Post subject:  New web-interface fails after X30 release X3U-CA-1.1.0.r0118

I am now running firmware revision X3U-CA-1.1.0.r0118 on my X30.

The new Web-iterface (http://cocktailaudio/nov_new) has slightly changed. Among other changes, it supports the "I-Radio [airable]" Internet Radios service available since X3U-CA-1.1.0.r0118.

Another change (this one quite unfortunate) is that it fails altogether very often. It gets stuck forever, apparently trying to connect to http://cocktailaudio/nov_new/ One has try restarting the browser several times, often tens of times, before it gets to work. The old interface (http://cocktailaudio/nov/) works perfectly all the time. This behaviour is independent of the browser (chrome, firefox, etc.) or the OS, (Android, Linux, etc.).

I have not hear any complaint about this problem in this forum. Does it happens only to me?

Thanks for any info or hint.

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